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Warehouse Sale - aka "Destashing"


Does anybody else collect too much stuff??!!  Even for your booth, storage, garage, or store???

I know I do!  I've seen the term "Destashing" and I thought I knew what it meant, but when I used it and a fellow junker asked me what it meant, then I wasn't so sure. 

So I did what everybody does when they need to know something... I googled it (because I don't have Alexa)!  Google says it's the process of removing something from one's collection.  BOOM!   That's it exactly!

To remove from one's collection...

After consulting with several fellow collectors (better known as hoarders), we decided to have a "Destashing" party!!  LOL!  We will be removing many, many, MANY items from our collections the 3rd weekend in February. 

February 15, 16 & 17 to be exact.  From 9am - 4pm on Friday and Saturday and from noon - 4pm on Sunday.  The "Destashing" event will be held at my studio and we are going to spill out into the parking lot.  The address is 3744 Annex Avenue Suite B, Nashville, TN 37209.  My business neighbor will also be openingn his garage door.  He buys storage unit contents at auctions and his warehouse packed full of goodies too!! 

Please come out and help us unload!   So we can just turn around and buy more!!   Can't wait to meet you there!  Find me and introduce yourself!  I love meeting fellow junkers and DIY'ers and just plain ole buyers and collectors!

As always, thanks for reading!!


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