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My Favorite Things

Many have asked about the products I use. Here they are and they can all be found on Amazon!

All of the items listed below are products I have actually tested, use and LOVE! Just click on the individual links to find out more. I have tried to list them in categories - 1) Favorite Products for furniture painting, paint classes or craftiness, a Business Props / Tools list, AND 2) personal things that just make everyday life easier for me! I promise I would never recommend something that I haven't used or that I don't absolutely love! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!! Thanks for looking!

* Disclaimer: The listings do contain affiliate links. What that means is I am paid a very, very, very small percentage if you make a purchase - and by that, I mean I might could buy Moose my giant fur baby a new toy! (We both thank you!)

Favorite ProductS

(Scroll down a bit further to see my list of favorite personal items that I love and have found to be great.)

Business Props / Tools

Favorite Personal or Everyday Items

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