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Lemon Buffet

Lemon Buffet

This French Provençal buffet had sat in my garage for over a year before I finally made myself drag it out and paint it. I love how it turned out!!!  The hardest part of this project was moving it out of the garage, and then loading it in my truck.

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Since I had to move it myself, I decided to paint it right there in the drive way (I’m sure my HOA loved that…they tend to complain about every little thing). I also sanded it using my electric sander – so much easier than using elbow, but messy.

Don't judge my also serves as storage for my antique gems!!

I painted it with some leftover latex paint that was a light yellow greenish color - two coats using a small cabinet sponge roller and a chip brush - painted hardware and all!!  Then I white washed it with some Annie Sloan snow white chalk paint.  To do this, I watered down the chalk paint about 50-50 water to paint.  I painted that mixture on with a chip brush, and wiped it off with a kitchen towel.  It left a mottled white wash over the yellow paint - really toned it down alot!!  When I painted this it was in the sunshine, so it helped the white wash mixture dry faster and in an uneven fashion.  I love that!!  It even crackeld in a few spots.  I used a sanding sponge and sanded the edges and hardware slightly.  I also rubbed the edges with a wet cloth to distress more without getting too far down to the wood.

I took it to the antique mall later that day and it sold within a few days!!  Woohoo!  That's what I love to happen!!

As always, thanks for checking out my blog!!

Jennifer     ~     Southern Junk Chic

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