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A Makeover to "Chair-ish"

A Makeover to “Chair-ish”

     This was a paint project I did in 2013.  This was a new experience then and fun project. It was my first attempt at using a stencil on fabric with chalk paint and I think it really turned out great!

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     Of course I forgot to take a before picture of the exact chair, but I had another chair that was just like it but without arms. I bought the trio (two chairs and a loveseat) for a really great price and have been waiting for inspiration. They were all in pretty bad shape with the veneer all chipping off on the detail in the backs (the chair below was in the worst condition). The chair with arms was the sturdiest and needed the least tlc, so I chose it .

     At that time (2013) there weren't many chalk paint choices available as it was just gaining momentum in the US.  I had been using Annie Sloan chalk paint for a few years which I purchased from one of the first ASCP stockists in Jackson, MS.  I painted the whole thing – fabric, trim and all. I mixed several colors together to get these nice calm combination of blue and green colors (old white, louis blue, antibes green, and provence). I painted the fabric a little different shade of blue to highlight it. Then I stenciled with old white and didn’t try to be perfect about it, just dabbed the fabric where I could, and went back over any obvious blank spots. (I think I purchased the stencil at Michaels.) 

     Perfectionists be ware of this type of painting…it will drive you crazy! It won’t be perfect, but that’s the thing of it – it’s not supposed to be, at least with my stuff. This way no one knows if you did it on purpose or if it was an accident!  To finish it, I waxed the whole thing – fabric and all.

I wish I had taken better pictures. I was in a rush and before I could get back to my booth to take more, it had sold! Yay, but boo for the blog…Hope you get the idea though.

As always, thanks for checking out my blog!!  Hope you enjoyed it!

Jennifer     ~     Southern Junk Chic

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